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Bling Adhesive Gel

Bling Adhesive Gel

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Our Super Thick & Sticky Bling Adhesive Gel! 
UV/ LED - Non Wipe! 
cure time: 60secs

Perfect for securing Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, nail charms, and other nail embellishments!
Our super sticky formula allows your crystal placement to stay put during the curing process!

Great for pixies, pointed back crystals and crystal clusters! 



2 in 1 Sealing Bling Gel 

Great to seal perimeter of crystals/ charms and other embellishments so they don’t snag on hair and clothing 

This pen comes with two different of applicators

1. Pull cap open for a precision pin hole applicator tip that will fill hard to access gaps between crystals and nail with gel.

2. Twist the cap for a flat liner applicator providing easy coverage to seal the perimeter of crystals/ charms and other embellishments.

** Pair with our BLING ADHESIVE GEL to make your embellishments stay longer! ** 

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